From barrels to basketball courts, Missouri forest products are of the highest quality and are the source of products we use every day.

Representative Chuck Basye (District 47), Representative Dave Muntzel (District 48), Brian Brookshire from Missouri Forest Products Association, and Davin Althoff and Kayla Otto from the Missouri Department of Agriculture traveled to Fayette, Mo., for a tour of Missouri-Pacific Lumber Company on Monday, April 9. Missouri-Pacific Lumber Company has been in operation since 1935, and produces American black walnut, red oak, white oak, soft maple, ash and other hardwood lumber. The company is well known for its American black walnut lumber, which accounts for 85% of their production. They harvest approximately 250 logs per day to meet demand for both domestic and international markets.  

Missouri’s forest products industry contributes over $9.7 billion to its economy. It supports over 44,200 jobs at a payroll of over $2.1 billion and is responsible for about $715 million in taxes, including $91.5 million in state sales tax. These numbers include logging and sawmill operations, secondary wood products, furniture and cabinet makers, log cabins, paperboard manufacturing and more. The grand total includes not only the direct effect of jobs in the industry but secondary effects in the economy as a whole.