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ia-agribusinesslogoBelow are the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network radio reports:

  USDA Agricultural Marketing Service

This provides market news on cotton, dairy, livestock, specialty cropsand feeder and replacement cattle auctions.

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Easy Rice Krispies Chicken

Easy Rice Krispies ChickenLooking for a great dish your kids will love?  Try Easy Rice Krispies Chicken.  It’s as easy as Snap. Crackle. Pop!  Well maybe not that easy, but it sure comes close. The Rice Krispies give the exterior of the chicken a great crunchy texture along with an almost deep fat fried taste. This dish is inexpensive, healthy, and delicious!

One-weekend DIY projects to get your house relative-ready for the holidays

One-weekend DIY projects to get your house relative-ready for the holidaysWhen the holidays arrive, you can prepare a scrumptious feast, present ideal gifts that are perfectly wrapped and decorate the house like something off a magazine cover. However, your mother-in-law is still going to focus on the stained upholstery in the family room, the tacky and dated wallpaper in the dining room, and the guest bedroom carpet that looks older than she is.

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