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Market Reports This provides market news on cotton, dairy, livestock, specialty crops and feeder and replacement cattle auctions.

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We’ve matured with the farm and ranch community and struggled through the lean times with it. The web is an uncultivated frontier for many of our partners. Farm2Ranch.com is our effort to fertilize new ground, creating a place for you to “Buy and Sell”, find information on crops, products, living and the ability to instantly interact with farmers, ranchers and producers that are facing the same challenges in the field.

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BBQ Meatloaf

bbq meatloafThis comforting meatloaf is highlighted with savory onions and a delicious bbq topping. You can conveniently whip all of the ingredients together in one bowl and then shape it in a 9″x 13″ pan. So you won’t have to dig out your loaf pan from the dark depths of your cupboards. And don’t forget that the leftovers make the best meatloaf sandwiches. So let’s get to mixing.

Beat Cool Weather

Beat Cool WeatherTemperatures may be dropping, but just because swimsuit season is over doesn’t mean it’s time to let your fitness regimen fall by the wayside. Keeping active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important year-around, so stay on track as the weather cools with these tips and tricks.

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