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How those who raise livestock administer certain antibiotics will change beginning Jan. 1, 2017. That’s the date farmers, ranchers, veterinarians and feed suppliers must comply with the Federal Drug Administration’s revised Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) for feed-based antibiotics...READ HERE

Against a backdrop of plummeting farm-level milk prices and farm cash receipts for milk sales, the American Farm Bureau Federation this week asked the Agriculture Department to provide emergency assistance for the nation's dairy farmers...READ HERE

Interest in food safety from customers and regulators can expose farmers to additional questions, but it can also greatly benefit production decision-making, according to specialists in the field. Some produce business analysts say they believe the rapid increase in available information can, when managed well, improve farm production in this generation as much as tractors and agricultural chemicals did in earlier timesREAD HERE

Pecan growers and handlers in California and 14 other states have approved a new federal marketing order and agreement to regulate handling of the crop... READ MORE

Grapes make the perfect snack: they are delicious, with a juicy burst of flavor, and are hydrating, easy to eat and portable. Additionally, grapes are good for you, offering a variety of nutritional benefits.…READ MORE

Duck, Duck, Grill If you’re ready for something new on the grill, nothing beats duck for a sizzling cookout experience. Duck is a versatile and delicious alternative to the usual beef, pork or chicken and it's just as easy to prepare.…READ MORE


Market Reports This provides market news on cotton, dairy, livestock, specialty crops and feeder and replacement cattle auctions.

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 Grandma Dow’s Cinnamon Rolls

 Grandma Dow’s Cinnamon RollsThis cinnamon roll has a delightfully light and soft dough that is wonderful and has a fresh yeasty flavor. Very different from the rolls you buy in the store, there really is no comparison. Be prepared to eat two or three when they come fresh out of the oven.  

5 Tricks for a Chore-Free Weekend

5 Tricks for a chore free weekend When thinking about errands, check-lists and even downtime, every busy person wishes there were more hours in the day. When tight on time, chores have a way of piling up and spilling into free time.

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